PRJ Australia is a privately owned Australian business, established in 2012, bringing new technology pipe lifting and supporting solutions to the Australian market.

Lifting pipe lines for routine inspection and maintenance is one of the more hazardous tasks that will be performed during the life of an operating plant. As plants age, corrosion and general wear and tear begin to effect the integrity of pipes and supports. This then requires careful management and careful pipe movement to rectify the issues identified without creating further safety hazards.

PRJ Australia have a number of products that solve this maintenance management dilemma, for both lifting, supporting and retaining pipes.


Pipe Rack JackPipe Rack Jack

Pipe Rack Jack is a patented, revolutionary pipe lifting tool. It’s a simple, safe and highly cost effective unit serving the pipe fitting industry. Designed to minimise crane use and scaffold during pipe repair and inspection. It lifts pipes in a precise and controlled manner maximising safety and pipe integrity. NATA certified to AS4991.

Lokrite Back Up WrenchLokrite Back Up Wrench

Lokrite products are designed to hold back applied torque, units hold themselves in place via a magnet system providing a hands free work zone. They are easy to remove once torque is applied and cause minimal coating damage compared to other systems. All units are load rated and are ideal in non spark environments.

BobbyjackThe Bobbyjack

The Bobbyjack is a hydraulically operated pipe jack that can handle pipes up to 30” diameter, rated at 12,000lbs it fits most standard beams. It can be installed and operated by one tradesman and has a precise regulated lift. Minimising the use of cranes and scaffold and maintaining pipe integrity while lifting. Custom versions are available also.

Clamped Pipe GuidesClamped Pipe Guides

Clamped pipe guides eliminate the need for welding or drilling, when fiting vertical and lateral pipe restraint.

All parts are load rated and can be matched to your application.


SRT Manufacturing’s StudPuller can be used to extract most studs in seconds while preserving the threads in most cases. The StudPuller has solved the side-loading problem. Our stud removal tool uses pneumatic energy, through air wrenches, to power the StudPuller. This accomplishes two things.

  • Big V for insulated pipes (Custom)
  • Caddy
  • Central support for new construction
  • pipe
  • Rubber lining for protection
  • Stainless steel inlay for stainless steel pipes
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  • IMG_0144
  • IMG_1212
  • IMG_1232
  • IMG_1223
  • product_new_001
  • Lokrite-backupwrench-Box-end
  • Lokrite-backupwrench-lanyard
  • 5
  • BackupwrenchOE20online
  • Lokrite-backupwrench-set


Central Support

The Central Support allows the Pipe Rack Jack to be fixed to the beam so that it is possible to load the jacking spindles independently.


  • Lining up and welding new pipes sections.
  • Removing damaged pipe sections and welding in new pipe section.


  • To avoid damaging the beam profile it’s important that the load difference between spindles is not too great.
  • See folder (click here) for the maximum allowable load difference in relation to the thickness of the vertical flange of the profile.
  • Central Support

  • Rubber Linking

  • Stainless Steel Inlay

  • Big V


Technical specifications of the PRJ

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  • IMG-3
  • pv6-Custom2
  • pv17-Custom3
  • pv19-Custom2
  • pv19-Custom3

Our Clients

Our Clients

Being an innovate new product it takes some time to gain a market reputation. However there are some leading edge businesses that have already chosen to take advantage of the benefits the Pipe Rack Jack has to offer, some of these companies are;


The Chemical Company SSO Bayer bp


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Our Clients


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